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Indoor Antennas Don’t Work

It's amazing indoor antennas are actually allowed to be sold! Indoor antennas, sometimes called “rabbit’s ears”, have been around for over 50 years. They go back to the early days of black and white analogue TV, when we only had one or two TV channels. Some of you may remember that we used to move the telescopic section around randomly to get the best picture and then to another random position f...
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What is the best TV Antenna mount on a roof

Traditionally, roof mounts for antennas had to go through a tile and blue sarking. These days, however, antenna installations are more non-invasive and convenient than ever. The antenna mount shown below sits above the sarking and is mounted on the wooden battens. In this way, no damage is done to the sarking (that’s the blue insulation layer under the tiles) and there is no fear of any water l...
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