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Indoor Antennas Don’t Work

It’s amazing indoor antennas are actually allowed to be sold!

Indoor antennas, sometimes called “rabbit’s ears”, have been around for over 50 years. They go back to the early days of black and white analogue TV, when we only had one or two TV channels. Some of you may remember that we used to move the telescopic section around randomly to get the best picture and then to another random position for another channel. The pictures had ghosts and were snowy (meaning bad signal) but were still was watchable. Analogue TV didn’t conceal the signal problems or try to improve the quality. What you actually saw was the signal struggling and your brain did the work and focused on the main, non-ghost picture. You may even remember how when someone walked across the room, the signal got worse for that brief time!

Using Indoor Antennas today

TV technology has changed massively since then and we now have over 20 free-to-air stations. This means the information is now sent digitally not via analogue signals meaning the TV is receiving thousands of numbers representing colours from the transmitter. If the incoming signal, however, is bad you will not see ghosts but rather two things can happen.

1. Often, a small chunk of numbers will not be picked up by the TV computing chips and the TV will try to make up these missing number chunks based on historical data, for example if the area on the screen had the numbers for red in the past few microseconds then the TV will replace it with red for this microsecond of time. You sit there not noticing but the TV is working hard in the background to produce a perfect picture.

Suffering Picture Break Up

2. A very large chunk of numbers can also not be picked up by the TV computing chips for a second or two. In this case, the TV computer chips cannot re-make that chunk and you get a square breakup in the picture or even sometime,s the audio will make a weird noise that sounds damaging to the TV.

Fact: Indoor antennas were made for the old days and were never made to receive digital TV; it is a disgrace that they are still on the market. If you want to stop the frustration of watching picture breakup and enjoy one of the best value public services, then you will need to get a permanent outdoor antenna installed. The typical cost for a good antenna installed by a professional will cost you around $450. Based on historical data you should get 30-40 years use from this antenna, so it a very good long term purchase.

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