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What is meant by a Digital TV Antenna in the Sydney region?

What is a Digital TV Antenna?

From 2001 to 2013, Sydney has transitioned from Analogue TV to Digital TV and the main transmitter frequencies coming from the Artarmon area have changed in that process. Some of the Digital TV channels are now outside the frequency range of some older antennas which we will call analogue (TV) antennas. These analogue antennas were purpose-made to catch and optimise signal strength for channel 2, 7, 9 and 10 and then a special section for 28. Between Channel 10 and 28 reception optimisation dips and hence signal strength weakened.

The new channels we have now for Digital Television are 6 (The Seven Network), 7 (SBS Australia), 8 (The Nine Network), 11 (Network Ten) 12 (ABC Stations). New antennas on the market today are optimised for these newer frequencies. As discussed the older antennas are not and will receive weaker signals for channels 11 and 12 which are: TEN Group (One, Ten, and Eleven) the ABC Group (ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 Kids and ABC News 24).

If you are experiencing reception breakup for only ABC and TEN stations in your home or apartment block (MATV system) then there is a strong chance the problem is with your old analogue antenna. You should first get your signal checked by an experienced electronics technician who can confirm with specialised equipment like a spectrum analyser that this is the problem and that a new antenna will need to be fitted and aligned.

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So what is the answer to the question? A Digital TV Antenna for most parts of Sydney is one that has been made to receive the frequencies from Channels 6-12.


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